Clay Plaster Fixative FIX

Tierrafino Fix serves as reinforcement of Tierrafino Finish and as a primer for very absorbent surfaces in the interior. Tierrafino Fix can be mixed with water and pigments to create veil techniques on Tierrafino Finish and Lime. Composition: Cellulose binder, tree resin binder, water softener, preservative, water. Consumption: For the reinforcement of Tierrafino Finish or Base approx. 0.2 l / m2 per layer. Application: Tierrafino Fix mixed with water stabilizes dusty surfaces. Add Tierrafino Finish onto Fix to obtain a textured paint. CHARACTERISTICS • Ready for use in the packaging • Milky before processing and transparent after drying • Do-It-Yourself / Professional • Virtually odorless, contains no solvent.